18 months ago, I stepped away from the career I’d worked in for over a decade. While that was 100% the right choice, it also left a gaping hole where my life plan used to be. Eek! So, I set out to discover what else I might like to do with 40 hours of my week. Over the next year, I explored, interviewed, and/or worked in over 15 different fields. And honestly? None of them really stuck.

How the hell do people decide what they want to do? Is it driven by money, passion, luck, or something more pedestrian?

And from that question, Line of Work was born. Over the last six months, I’ve interviewed notable professionals from a bunch of different industries. Together, we did a deep dive into their professional journeys, the ins and outs of their fields, and what gets them excited to go to work every single day.

Work doesn’t have to be your passion. In fact, there are so many things to get excited about in life that have nothing to do with our ~careers~. But we do spend the majority of our waking hours engaged with work. So, I started this show to learn from people who've found longevity and satisfaction in their professions - and to explore just how many paths there are to finding fulfillment in what you do for a living.

Season 1 of Line of Work launched October 21st. New episodes air every Wednesday.

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