Though I'm no longer acting in Chicago's theatre community, explore this page to learn more about what I was up to in my first year out of school.


Marriott Theatre

In the Spring of 2019, I returned to the Marriott Theatre for their production of Footloose as the Ariel standby and female swing. For those that don't know, a swing covers multiple roles and steps into the show (often at a moment's notice) whenever an actor is sick or can't make a performance.

I really enjoyed the challenge of learning six separate, overlapping roles. Since this theater had audience sitting on all four sides and its stage rotates, I needed to take copious notes and practice lots on my own to succeed.

Brooke Astor's Last Affair

Chicago Music Theatre Festival

I've always enjoyed working on projects early in their lifecycle. In theatre, that means new work!


In early 2019, I was thrilled to star in CMTF's brand new musical about the life of American philanthropist and socialite Brooke Astor. I love  the creative challenge and agility required to tackle something that's still in progress.

The Talent Networks

In December of 2018, I signed with an agent! Specifically, I signed with the fabulous folks at The Talent Networks. Duane, Renee, and Jay are incredibly dedicated to their clients. With their help, I had a blast auditioning for commercials, feature films, industrials, and more.

Holiday Inn

Marriott Theatre

I once again joined the Marriott Theatre for their production of Holiday Inn in the winter of 2018. I performed in the ensemble and understudied the lead, Linda Mason. I also worked as the Youth Supervisor for the child actors in the show. 

This show proved a particular challenge, as I had to teach myself how to tap! At first, I was really daunted by this task. But, I figured out that if I broke down the steps into basic building blocks, I could build patterns from there. This made it a lot less intimidating! I have to thank my engineer parents for this method -- they both strongly believe anything can be broken down into 1's and 0's if you look hard enough.


Marriott Theatre

I joined the Marriott Theater for the second time in their children's production of Shrek! I played 

various roles, including a Blind Mouse, a citizen of Duloc, and a Little Pig! That gave my family a chuckle, given that I stand tall at 5'10".

Shrek and Holiday Inn overlapped, which often meant I performed four shows a day as a part of 16-show weeks! This schedule was a huge lesson in focus and discipline, especially over the holidays. I couldn't have done it without my cast mates and the folks at the Marriott by my side.


Marriott Theatre

In the Summer of 2018, I booked my first professional role as an understudy for the Marriott Theatre's Pinkalicious! I was thrilled to be able to support myself doing theatre so immediately after graduation. 

This show asked actors to play unusual instruments. In my audition, I added a trumpet solo and kazoo breakdown - two instruments I can't say I play well. It was one of the most nerve-wracking auditions of my life! Fortunately, the staff at the Marriott appreciated my bravery. 

It was the beginning of a fantastic year of work, and I dove in head first.


Bonus! Check out this video of me performing an original song by Emmet Smith as a part of Northwestern's 87th Annual Waa-Mu Show.

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